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Thailand or Sri Lanka?

Thailand or Sri Lanka?
  I can't decide which one to go to.
Me and DH want to visit temples, ruins, elephants and that sort of thing but not roughing it.
I like the look of Sri Lanka but have read that the roads are awful and the driving even worse! I am NOT a good passenger :eek: . I have also been looking at Thailand instead but do not like the idea of busy Bangkok or seedy areas but the reviews I have read have all been good and Thailand offers all what we are looking for aswell.
Has anyone got any feedback good/bad? or been to both?
Thanks :)


Definitely Thailand.
Been to Sri Lanka once and that was once too many. We have been to Indian and other Asian Countries many times so were used to being hassled but this was something else. We went on an organised tour but we ended up with a taxi and a driver we didn't like and there was nothing we could do about it. Kandy was a beautiful place ruined by so many people trying to con us at every place we visited. At the Lion Rock there were 4 people wanting to carry our camera and water and got quite nasty when we said we could manage. I know these people are poor but these 4 were literally fighting amongst themselves to do something we didn't want them to do and wouldn't take no for an answer.The Country was beautiful and the sights we saw we very interesting but spoiled by incidents like these.
We did a similar kind of tour in Thailand and it couldn't have been so different, the people were so nice, everywhere we went we were made to feel welcome and treated very well. We did Bangkok, Chaing Mai and Bankok and wouldn't hesitate to go back again.


I may be a bit biased, but I think Thailand.
You've got the busyness of Bangkok, the gorgeous beaches in the south and the foresty, elephanty bits in the north. The ruins of Sukothai are beautiful and well worth a visit, and almost everywhere you go, there will be a temple.
"Seedy areas" - to be honest, you will get these everywhere. Just avoid them, they tend to be quite small and off the beaten track.
Hope you have a good holiday! :)


I've been to both.
They are quite different, but to give you a different slant to what the other two baggers have said I LOVED Sri Lanka. The beaches are beautiful and the scenery stunning (and if you want elephants they have an orphanage you can go to see them!) The roads are crap, and a tad scary but to be honest so are many in Thailand when you leave the main tourists area. I think in Sr Lanka the best type of trip to do is a tour of the north (avec all the ruins, nellys and temples you could wish for!) for a few days (which you can easily buy as a package with accomodation sorted) and then a beach hotel after.
You get hassled by hawkers in both, whilst annoying a firm no usually does the trick. I try not to get too bothered by it by thinking, that I probably earn more in a month than these people do in a year so I'd do the same in their position. People in both countries are lovely.
I do love Thailand as well - Bangkok is a fantastic city - the seedy stuff is just in pockets and easy to avoid. Patpong (the main tourist area in Phuket) is a bit seedy - personally I'd stay clear, but the rest of the island is lovely, and Koh Samui and Krabi are supposed to be nice too. (Although these are beach resorts - for ruins temples etc I think there are more in the north of thailand?)
Hope that helps!


Thank you all for your replies.
I think me and DH are now decided on 3 days in Bangkok, 4 days in Chiang Mai, 4 days in Hong Kong and then 3 days in Dubai or something like that!
I have found a hotel in Chiang mai where the elephants come up each morning to feed and there are also 2-day trips where you can learn to be an elephant mahout - I'm getting excited already!
BUT it all hinges on whether our house sale goes through :fingers:

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