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hotel/pub with rooms

hotel/pub with rooms
  It's Mr Z's birthday in March and I'd like to take him away for two [or if the accommodation is reasonably priced] three nights. But I'm skint.
I've discounted Dublin - prices for restaurants and hotels look high anyway and the fact that it's around St Paddy's Day pushes flight prices up. Now I have three options:
- Barcelona, which I'm still investigating
- hotel/pub with rooms within a couple of hours' drive of Gloucestershire. I don't mind driving, but Mr Z is extremely tall and gets cramped in my little car. :D So that could be West or South Midlands, Wessex, Devon, etc.
- similar accommodation further away reachable by easy public transport - can't face a complicated journey. There's a direct train line up to Durham, Newcastle, etc [not York, as we've just been there]. Cheap train tickets aren't showing yet, but I've found flights to Newcastle for 26 return incl taxes or Glasgow for 36. :eek:
If we stay in the UK, we'd prefer country accommodation to a city place [might be a problem with public tranport] and it should be casual - he's not a dressing for dinner type, which is why a pub might be better.
Ideas welcome. :)


Have you thought about Wetherspoons as in the pub chain?
They do cheap accomadation in a number of places and of course you have access to the pub and food. I know they have them across the country including a couple up in Scotland which might be good. It's not exactly top quality but they're cheap and meet what you might be looking for.


How about Bradford on Avon, it may be a bit too close to home for you though, you can stay at this old windmill


There is something wrong with my previou link, but try this one to
distinctly different places to stay


Thanks for the replies.
Gizmo: I checked out the Wetherspoons's site, but as it's for a special birthday, would like somewhere a bit more individual and in the country. But might be good for a city break another time.
Emsie: what a great site! I love some of those quirky buildings. I'm currently working my way through to see which would do dinner.
In the meantime I've been investigating further for places within a couple of hours' drive. Has anyone been to The Oaks, Porlock ?

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