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Thailand virgin - all help good!

Thailand virgin - all help good!
  Hi All
My hubby and I are off to Thailand for 2 weeks at the end of the month. So far we have booked our flights to and from Bangkok, and we are planning to pre-book a hotel in Bangkok for a few days at the beginning of the holiday and the last 2 nights.
We want somewhere nice and central but a 3 star standard in bangkok - so any suggestions would be good.
Other than that we plan to go down to the coast, but don't want to have to be on a train for hours and hours - so any suggestions of resorts easy to get to from Bangkok would be good.
We would ideally like failry cheap accomodation (but with some home comforts - like a bathroom) on or near the beach, and somewhere where we can see a few sights.
All ideas would be great. I am going to go and buy a travel book to do some swotting but I know you guys are a wealth of experience!
Also - what currency/travellers cheques shall I take - dollars / sterling / baht or a mix and roughly how much?
Cheers guys!


We stayed in the buddy lodge hotel in Bangkok last year.
I would definetely recommend it. It is on Khaosan Road,which
is a bit mad, but the hotel was perfect.It had a swimming pool on the rooftop too which was nice for cooling down in. Not sure how many stars it is but it is not too expensive. We went to Ko Samui for a week, Ko Phangyang (sp?) where we stayed in the Panviman hotel, it was really nice with a fab pool and nice view but was a little remote and Ko tao afterwards. Ko Samui was only an hours flight (or even shorter) away from bangkok. Hope this is of help.


I'd take traveller cheques (either) plus some small change in bahts for taxis from the airport etc. But it's worth knowing that there should be plenty of ATM machines in the towns/cities/tourist areas which you can use if you have a maestro or cirrus switch card.


I've been twice, and the first time, my o/h and I stayed in a 3* hotel called the Royal Benja, which was nice, and just off Sukhumvit Rd - a main road with lots of shops and malls along it, as well as lots of tailors to get cheap suits made!
The second time I went, we were backpacking and stayed near Khao San Rd, which is basically backpacker central - although seasoned travellers say to avoid it, it is a road well worth seeing.. it's full of cafes, bars, hotels, and market stalls, but can be very loud (and full of drunks at 2am!)
I would second Koh Samui, as it is one of the more develeoped islands, which seems ideal for first-timers.. we stayed at Chaweng, the main beach on the island at a place called Samui Paradise.. this place was on the beach, at one end of Chaweng, so quieter and nicer beach. The main street in Chaweng is sooo long and full of shops, restaurants, etc. There are a few sights to see on the island and you can do day trips to nearby islands..


I should work for this hotel i recommend it so often! #
But the Pathumwan Princess hotel is absolutely gorgeous, but it is a 4* (although i don't see how it could be aby nicer) so it may be a little expensive for you.
have a look though

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