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Spending money for 4 days in Prague?

Spending money for 4 days in Prague?
Title says it all really :D
My boyfriend and I are going to Prague for 4 days at the end of July and I have no idea how much spending money I will need to take!
I've done a search and found lots of stuff about Prague but still have no idea about the money.
Please help! Thanks :)


Its as cheap as chips Mílady!!
Me and my Partner went last December and some of the Ďlocalsí bars, you can spend no money at all (80p a pint). We did go to some expensive restaurants at night, but otherwise we did not spend much at all.
Not sure how much you want to take though. We took money out of cash points so didnít really add it up.


Hi Littlemissy,
I was there for three days over this weekend and didn't even spend £100! We drank loads of beer and ate out for every meal. Travel is cheap (and good) too.
There is a lot to buy though - crystal, glass, beautiful jewellry - so you can spend a lot of money if you want to!
It's a gorgeous city (and was 30 degrees this past weekend!) and you'll have a ball.


I went to Prague for 4 days last August. It depends if you just want to eat and drink or buy lots of nice things. I didn't spend anymore than about £150 and I bought nice things. I spent less than £20 a day on food and drink and got drunk every night.


Excellent, thanks everyone :)
I'm very excited!!
I probably won't buy too many nice things (well, i'll try not to!) so it shouldn't be too expensive then. Yay!

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