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Spending money

Spending money
  Ok this is maybe a bit of a stupid question but I'm going away to corfu for a fortnight in a few weeks and I'm a bit cash strapped (about to start a new job which means I will have a BIG gap between pay packets).
I was wondering how much spending money I could get away with taking (I'm staying self catering)
Anyone have any idea?


Your post doesn't really give us much info to go on to be honest. What you intend doing during the day, going on your own or with friends what your doing during the evening, are you going to be just eating in the morning and evening or something in the afternoon etc.
So this is where this post goes wrong :D
I am going to assume your a girl somewhere round about 20ish and you intend laying in the sun all day and going our for a few drinks in the evening with the friends your travelling with. :D
So on the strength of that i would say you might get away with 500.


Never been to Corfu before so don't know about the prices there but you should be able to do it quite cheap if you're self catering. I think the cheapest I've managed when I was a student was 150 for 2wks, and that included going out drinking every night!
We took stuff with us like pasta and pot noodles, but that should be quite cheap out there anyway. Breakfast you can manage on one box of cereal so that's cheap enough, lunch maybe make yourself sandwiches and dinner some pasta or beans on toast, whatever is available and cheap. Depends if you're near a decent supermarket, and whether you've got a stove, microwave and/or oven. Booze is cheap so have a few at home before you go out at night!
Sightseeing and tours will be the expensive stuff, but if you're just relaxing shouldn't cost much more than you'd spend on food here.


Went corfu a few years back and think I remember it being cheap.
One thing you have to consider is how much you expect to drink. In Kavos they have buy one get one free in most bars but it can up to quite a bit. What we used to have a sandwich at about 11.00 which would be breakfast and lunch and go out for a one course meal in the evening. Water and ice lollies are what we usually spend money on and we normally buy those in bulk from the supermarket. I went for a week and spent about 200 at the most.


I think the cheapest I've managed when I was a student was 150 for 2wks, and that included going out drinking every night!

Was you on a diet and teetotal? :eek: :D

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