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Hotel by Gatwick

Hotel by Gatwick
Quick question - we are going away in May, but our flight is 6am. We live about an hour 30 mins drive away (ish), and Im thinking about just staying in the airport hotel rather than getting up so early to get in for check in time.
Has anyone else done this? Would you reccomend it? If so - which hotel would you suggest?


The hilton as its on the airport.


I stayed at the Gatwick Hilton in October. It is a nice hotel, and handily linked by a walkway to the airport - you dont even have to leave the hotel. The hotel is huge and you could have a bit of a walk to your room from the lifts so if you struggle with long distances ask for a room closer!!


We have had 2 early flights to Florida and both times have stayed in the Hilton as it is linked to the airport by walkway.
However i have one tip...... don't eat or drink at the hotel. Go into the airport and eat/drink at Wetherspoons in the terminal. Me, my wife + daughter stayed there 2 years ago and ate at the hotel in one of their diners. I had burger + chips and the girls had pasta. The food was yuk so the girls had a piece of apple pie each. With a round of drinks the bill came to nearly 70 :eek:
After that shock we went to the bar and i had a pint of lager, the wife had a baccardi + coke and the daughter had a coke.... nearly 12 for that lot :eek:
So when we stayed there last October we checked in the hotel then drove to Crawly about 5 miles away and had a meal in Wetherspoons. It was only when we flew out we found there was a Wetherspoons at the airport terminal :lol:
It is a nice hotel but i really wouldn't eat or drink there unless your rich. :D We only stayed there because of the early flight and we got 14 days free parking included.

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