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Tenerife - Playa de las Americas

Tenerife - Playa de las Americas
  Hi - have booked a last minute hol on the outskirts of Playa de las Americas. I have been told its a very commercial place and dare I say it, a bit "Brits Abroard" but it was such a good deal from my local airport, i decided to go for it. Anyway - i am a single mum of two girls 11 and 13 so any tips on things to do whilst staying away from the hub of it? I'd particularly like to know of cheap spanish places to eat with atmosphere rather than brit run cafes. Is the Parc Loco animal park worth a look? Should I hire a car and get out and about? Is it a good idea to drive to Mount Teide?
Any suggestions would be fab - thanks all:wave:


Hiya :)
It is quite commerical yes, when are you going? Your better on the outskirts. Are you closer to Cristianos?
Car hire for tenerife is fab, even for a couple of days and Mount teide is apparently fab.
In terms of stuff to do for your girls theres the Animal park, waterpark which are all good to go to.
Theres an all you can eat buffet in Americas itself which is about 5 euros and fab!


Parts of Las Americas aren't tooooooo bad, but it's not the type of place ideally suited to two young girls as young as yours. The place to avoid is the Veronicas strip.
Of a night it goes mad and i mean really mad, club reps type mad. You'll have people openly selling drugs outside the clubs, people laying drunk in the street, fights and basically anything else goes down there so if you can avoid that of a night time. When we stayed over there we were just up the road in Los Cristianos and came down to Las Americas by about 8.30 one night to have a look. We got out of it by 10.30 :D
There's a nice water park there that is good fun and Mount Teide is amazing. It's a steep drive up but when you get up the top it's an amzing place. The final bit is done on a cable car but it's just amazing. You leave from your appt in 80 degree heat and clear sunshine and by the time you get up there it's still clear sunshine but there will be snow on the ground so don't forget to take jumpers and leggings with you.
As for other places to drive, well to be honest there are but not really anything i would say would suit children the age you have, it's all a bit cultural and we know how kids love culture :D
As for places to eat, well yes you'll have the Brit places plus McDs and KFC but you will find the small restaurants that are a bit differant.


Just be grateful you didn't book Gran Caneria. That really is an island of British chavs. I felt sorry for the locals.


Not a Spanish restaurant, but you really have to visit either 'Deep Blue' which is along the ocean-front not far from Troya Beach or 'Little Italy' which are Italian restaurants both run by the same people, and the food there is AMAZING - especially the fillet steaks!

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