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Thailand Recommendation

Thailand Recommendation
  Hi everyone!
Just wondering if anyone could recommend any good hotels/areas in Thailand? Am thinking of going for boyfriends birthday. So far areas we are thinking of are Phi Phi, Krabi & Koh Samui. Also what tour operator did you book through?
Thanks in advance!
Ellie x


Don't go to Phi Phi, Phuket or Koh Samui *shudders*
I saw Ricky off Eastenders pilled off his nut with two trannies last time I was in Samui. Then I escaped to Phi Phi, and there he was again! OOh the glamour
I''d recommend a few nights in Bangkok - brilliantly mental place, then take one of Thai Air's budget flights to Krabi - then a ferry to Koh Lanta or one of the islands in that group
Try Tripadvisor - but for now here's a few pics (I realise it's a travel site, just sommat I fund quickly)
Or you could go to Vietnam instead... Or Lombok...


I agree with Dorisbonkers (the Ricky stalker!)
Recommendations in Thailand depend on your budget and how many "attractions" and facilities you want/don't want.
If you want clubs/shopping/lots of tourists and a more Western (or spoilt depending on your perspective) atmosphere you may well like Phuket etc.
If you want to relax and just sit in a hammock reading and drinking beer on your balcony at night, there are plenty of small islands/resorts that aren't over-run yet. If this sounds deadly boring, then again, maybe Samui would be more interesting.
There are still a few quiet places even on Samui, but you'll not find them through a tour agent, unfortunately.


Thanks for the replies & the link to Krabi hotels!
Am prob looking to visit 2 places, 3 max. Budget prob between 1500 to 2000 each. Not into places that will be heaving with tourists, somewhere relaxing. Dont usually use tour operators when booking hols, we usually just book hotels etc direct but am clueless about thailand!
Will look into Krabi & maybe think of Vietnam.


What everyone else says really! If you like very 'developed' resorts then you might like Phi Phi/Phucket. There's no getting away from how beautiful Phi Phi is, but it's very developed.
Krabi town isn't very nice but Railey, or the bit more backpacker/climber beach of Ton Sai is very nice and whilst they are on the mainland you can only access them by boat, so they have an 'island' feel. They have the added advantage of 'stuff to do' (climbing, diving).
Ko Lanta is nice if you want hammocks and beach side bars.
Vietnam is great but I haven't really been to any beach resorts.

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