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Spongeables for travel!

Spongeables for travel!
  I said I would post after trying them out while I was away and I must say I was very impressed by using them , bought the 7 day yellow one for me and the blue for Mr GTfrom Boots at about 2.99
See here
Found them both to be very good with tons of soap - more than 7 days worth of showers 2x daily. The soap was non drying and nice scented and didn't irritate my skin at all, and was light and easy to pack. I will give it a thumbs up and will definately use them again! :wave:


Hey that's great! Thanks for the recommendation! :great:
Can you buy other kinds at boots (i.e. 10+ day) as well or just the 7 day ones?


I think so and they did have some of the kids ones which were quite funky!!
They were with the bubble bath , soap and shower gels.


Cool! Thanks verymuchindeedy! :D


They look interesting - what are they? Soap etc already on a sponge? Or a shower without water?

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