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Hotel recommendation near Manchester Airport?

Hotel recommendation near Manchester Airport?
  We are flying from Manchester airport to Bali in August and are looking for a nice but not too expensive hotel to stay the night before we fly.
Ideally it would be somewhere which gives free parking for the time of the holiday and has a transfer facility to the airport. And preferably either with a good in house bar/restaurant which wont be dead on a Sat night or within easy reach of some bars/restaurants.
M x


I had a quick look online and have found some suitable hotels at these sites:
Airport Hotels
Essential Travel
I noticed a few of them offer 4-8 day parking as well. Though, if there's a hotel there you fancy and it says nothing about parking, I'd suggest you call and ask. Most hotels I've stayed in will offer courtesy parking or at least knew of where you can park for the duration.
Hope that helps and have a great time! :D


When we go on holiday we usually book a hotel the night before with parking - it makes things a LOT less stressful! (We also bring a "picnic" to eat in the room with some wine which is far nice (and cheaper!) than eating in the restaurant or room service)
A good site we use a lot is which gives a lot of different hotels at different airports with or without parking. I think they are currently offering a room for 2 at Manchester with 15 days secure parking for about 90 up to over 200 depending on where the hotel is and how many stars it is. (They are usually a minimum of 3* though)
Bali? I am soooooo jealous :D


Theres a Bewleys Hotel at manchester airport. i stayed there last year, only 79 a night and i think they do a park and fly deal too.


Thanks for the info - I will look into all of them. Good idea for taking a picnic that way we could afford a maybe more luxurious hotel and just enjoy the room without having to go out to find a restaurant.
M x

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