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Spongeables ? anyone used them ?

Spongeables ? anyone used them ?
  I saw these in Boots this week and wondered if anyone has tried them ?
I guess they would be good for travel .


Heavens yes they would be - particularly for camping, long hikes, or traveling to places where water is too great a commodity to waste on half hour showers.
Great link GreekTeeth! Thanks. :great:


I also posted it in Beauty and they all think these would be yukky!
However I am going to try them for forthcoming hols (Greece and those that have been will know what the showers are like there ;) ) and will let you all know. I just think t'will be easier and lighter than lugging shower gels, and , according to the website you can chop them and use them for adding water to planting compost afterwards too .
GT x

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