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Hotel in Barcelona, recs?

Hotel in Barcelona, recs?
I am going to Barcelona with a friend and her boyfriend in April for 5 nights. I am looking for a hotel that isn't too expensive, ideally about £20-30 per night. As I am on my own I guess I will have to pay more which is a pain. I'm not staying in a dive, but it needs to be economical. Is this realistic and does anyone have any recommendations or links to check out?
Also, any general info about weather, sights and things to see and do will be welcome:)


for recs on things to do, do a search. I have posted some really long posts with my opinions on what to do as I've spent about 3 weeks there in the last 3 years. :) I also posted some new stuff on F&D on places to eat after our last trip in September.
As for hotels, you could try - we have used it to find reasonable hotels. For that price, you might be better going for a hostel, but I don't know of any! The earlier you book, the better it should be although if you are going when there is anything major on, you're bound to have to pay more. We have stayed at the Hotel Universal on Paral.lel which is excellent and paid about £90 per night b&b, but the price goes up if it coincides with holidays or major events.
I've seen this place recommended - but it's always been full. Very nice, good location but also quite reasonably priced.


Have you thought about an apartment. We stayed in one and it was fabulous and so handy and cheap!!


Thanks kateab, I will do a search on what you say and have a look at that link.
Thank you too havana, I hadn't actually thought of renting an appartment but it might work out cheaper, especially if I just sleep on the sofa.................


If you like the sea, there’s a hostel named Sea Point which is located very near from the beach, the boats and from a lot of restaurants. The place is clean, they have Internet service and breakfast included in the price. I remember it was not expensive, but it will be better if you check their web.

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