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The worst place you've been

The worst place you've been
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For me it's a toss up between Murmansk and Dubai.
Murmansk was just so grim, but I was expecting it to be. Minus 40 and perpetually dark. Got really sick and had to go hospital there. And I was on my own, so couldn't even laugh about it with someone.
I stayed for a conference in the second poshest hotel in Dubai (and that's posh). Like my husband before me, I found it the most depressing place I've ever been in my life (and I've been to Krasnoyarsk). One big luxury soulless horrid little expat enclave. I've had to go there since and every time I just dread it.
I'm not knocking city states (I live in Singapore now) but, ooh, I just shudder thinking about the place.


I really didn't like Jamaica. Constantly hassled for money or did you want to buy something...I don't know - it just made me feel uncomfortable. I can see why people hole themselves up in resorts sometimes!! It wasn't terrible, but just out of all the places I've been that was the one place I wouldn't go back to.


Tunisia. I wasn't very well travelled at that point (just beachy hoidays in Europe), but was lured by a cheap package holiday to Hammamet, thinking it would be great to explore such a different culture. A trip into the local medina with people harassing me and grabbing at me was horrible, and still leaves me feeling claustrophobic now just thinking about it. We lasted less than 30 mins until we jumped into a taxi and rushed back to the hotel, vowing not to leave the complex again until we had to go to the airport. I had always ridiculed people for staying by the poolside on holidays, but as Supercat says, I could totally understand it that time!


Teignmouth. Yeuch.


Beautiful in parts, but didn't like the vibe of the place.
Oh and London but that doesnt count as I was born/lived there :lol:

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