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Hotel in San Francisco /Car Hire

Hotel in San Francisco /Car Hire
  I'm off to SF in September. Can anyone recommend a relatively low priced well located hotel? We;re there for 3-4 nights before a driving tour of California.
Also we need to hire cars. Can anyone recommend a company?
Thank you very much :)


Hi curlywurlygirly
We are off to SF in May. We're staying at the Hotel Del Sol. Not sure if it classifies as reasonably priced but I liked the look of it. Our car hire is from Dollar car hire. We have a 4 seater silver convertible for 10 days and it will cost 278 which I think is incredibly cheap.
Hope that helps a little


Thank you
Off to trip advisor it!


I can also recommend Dollar - they worked out the cheapest for us too. I stayed in a lovely little hotel down by the wharf in San Fran, but I can't recall its name.


Dollar and Budget are the same price, but Budget have the convertible we want available for our dates :D
No idea on the name of the hotel???

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