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Taking currency/use a cash machine?

Taking currency/use a cash machine?
  We are going to Majorca next week and I am sorting out how many Euros I need. But I was wondering does it make more sense to have some for the first few days and then draw it out of a cash machine while I am over there. Or will I get charged something astronomical?
Thanks folks.


If your with Nationwide they don't charge you a thing to withdraw abroad, everyone else anywhere between 1.5% to 2.5% whitch can work out a little expensive if you make more than one or two withdrawels.


Thanks for that gizmo. I was with the Nationwide, in fact I still have a card, so I suppose I could put some money in my account. Although I can't see me using the cash machines more than twice. I will just use it as a backup in case I need anything extra.
Thanks again

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