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Sunny Christmas ideas?

Sunny Christmas ideas?
  Hi all, thinking of spending Christmas in the sun :boat: :beach: this year and looking for any recommendations! (Excluding Australia as we there last year). I was thinking of The somewhere in the Caribbean 9but open to any other sunny suggestions). We are looking for somewhere family friendly (Our son will be 2 then), with lovely beaches, and nice restaurants etc as my hubby is a real foodie! We also prefer to stay in smaller boutique type hotels than the very large hotels so anything like that would be ideal.
Answers on a postcard please!


Miami Beach is fab! We went there last month and even their winter is nice and hot. There are loads of different kinds of hotels to choose from and masses of restaurants and eating places. The beaches are lovely and clean too.


thanks choccybic! I'll check it out...
Any other ideas still welcome :)

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