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The Lake District - Where to stay?

The Lake District - Where to stay?
  As the title says really, I want to go self cattering in Kesick area, theres a few places in and around that area I want to go. Can anyone recommend anywhere to stay or where's nice to go?


Last year I went to Keswick on holiday and stayed in a cottage beside derwentwater just by the youth hostel.
It is quite an old cottage, but has a lovely open fire!
It is only seperated from the lake by the road and you can get the boat that will take you into Keswick 5minutes walk from the cottage. I enjoyed being out in the middle of nowhere! The weather was lovely when i went so we went swimming in the lake! Very chilly!!:eek:


Thanks Suzie, that place looks gorgeous. I'll have to have a gander through that site.


I was in Keswick last week, was staying at centre parcs with my work tho.. not quite so tranquill!!
I love the lake district, especialy Keswick, very relaxing and loads to do. Have you been before??
Theres a lovely wee cafe called the peddlers something or other... cant remember the name. It only sells vegitarian food. I'm not veggie, but loved it. The food is so healthy, and really tastey. There is also a new balance factory shop where you can get really cheep good trainers.
I'm not too sure about the pencill museum though..... I gave that one a miss! ;)


Ooo thanks for the tip, I might have to find the veggie place, and trainers in walking land wouldn't hurt! ;)
I went to Windermere for my birthday when I was about 7/8/9ish. It was November so not great but I still loved it! I need to get away from here for a few days for some 'R&R and I'm not one for health spas!

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