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  Has anyone been to Tahiti? Are there lots of things to do there? This is another destination fiance and I are thinking of going for our honey moon.
Any advice at all would be great!


I have never been but really really want to go so I would also be interested in what people have to say about this one.


My parents went to Tahiti in December for 2 weeks - they stayed in the Sofitel resort close to the capital Papeete and had a great time. They pretty much spent all their time in the resort although they did hire a car to drive round the island...which took about 2hours! I don't think there are that many sights to see outside of the hotels - my parents love going off the beaten track and getting out of the tourist areas; having said that, I think they were quite happy to lounge around on the beach. The one thing they were surprised about was how expensive the food was in the hotel - they did have quite a few picnics in their room having been to the local supermarket!
The hotel staff told them the island was very popular with Americans...and Japanese honeymooners who come over for just the one night and then fly back they were very surprised to have guests staying for such a long period. An added plus to the holiday is that Tahiti is the home of the rooms 'on stilts' i.e. built in the sea so you reach them by wooden walkway. I believe these are standard rooms here unlike in other places like the Maldives where you have to pay a large surplus.
The only downside is the travelling - It's worthwhile doing a stopover in LA or San Francisco on the way out to break it up.


Rems - email me about your honeymoon - can get you a really good deal either in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean/Asia!!

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