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Tesco vouchers/UK hotel recs?

Tesco vouchers/UK hotel recs?
  Hi all,
We need to use our clubcards vouchers before they run out. We've had a look at the websites of the hotels, and we've also looked at, but most of the reviews of the hotels aren't very good (stating dirty, shabby rooms, small pool etc).
We live in the South, not particuarly fussed where the location is (altho not too far, ie scotland) we've got two small kids, so the pool will be the major thing for our w/e away. Oh and it needs to be cheap!
So was just wondering if anyone has got any recommendations at all?
Btw, the hotel chains are:
Hastings Hotels
Hilton Hotels
McDonald Hotels
Ramada Jarvis
and Thistle
Many thanks


There is a very nice Hilton in Brighton. don't know if it has a pool though I'm afraid.
Nat J


Thanks Nat, will look that up.
Does anyone else have any recs?


Sorry, no rec;s but just wondered how you go about using your vouchers? Can you just use the ones they send you or do you have to ask tesco to send you them as hotel vouchers rather than the usual clubcard vouchers?


You have to trade them in. The Tesco website has details on how to do it:
You can swap them for tons of different things these days and you get a lot more for your money doing that. My housemate and I trade in ours for restaurant vouchers then go for slap up meals. You get 10 in the restaurant for every 2.50 you trade in!!
Nat J

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