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Hotels in New York... sorry!

Hotels in New York... sorry!
Yes i know there are a million threads on here about various hotels (i have looked) but i have the job of finding the perfect hotel in New York city, for my parents silver wedding anniversary. Budget is around 400 - 450 per person.
I've come across these, all within our price range
Park Central Hotel
Belvedere Hotel
Casablanca (although this is a little over budget)
New York Helmsley
Can anyone give me any experiences from any of these hotels? I have looked on trip advisor but im still unsure.
Thank you for any help


5156785) New York Helmsley
If its the one on central park south (59th) then do not touch it with a barge pole
yes I speak from experience- and my review on tripadvisor states (and slates!) as much.
No experience of the one on 42nd st.


Thank you!!
It's not that one, i know the one you are talking about!! It's the one on 42nd.
My mom had a friend who stayed there (42nd) and was very impressed so my mother is now very much taken with it despite not looking it up herself :rolleyes: :lol:
I on the other hand like the look of either the Casablanca or Belvedere


super 8 times square.


Doubletree Guest Suites
It's part of the Hilton Group and is right in the centre of Times Square. It's different because of the size of the rooms - they're massive by New York standards. They have a separate front room and bedroom, bathroom and a mini kitchen area which comes in very handy. I would stay there again in a shot and indeed am hoping to this year :D

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