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Hotel - Isle of Skye

Hotel - Isle of Skye
  For our Honeymoon were going to the Blue Reef Cottages on the Isle of Harris.. We'll be catching the ferry from Uig in North East Skye Saturday morning and need somwhere to stay on the Friday night, preferably not too far from the ferry.
I would be very greatful of any suggestions


OOhhhh the Blue Reef Cottages! How lovely!
I would recommend staying in Portree, it is the capital of Skye and about a 20 minute journey to Uig. There is a little more going on there that Uig, although I hear that people on Haggis Backpacker tours have fun in Uig as thats one of the hostels they stay in. But Uig is tiny.
You can catch the bus from Portree and it will connect with the ferry, so no dramas there! Or you could get a taxi but the bus is of course a little cheaper.
Hotels in Portree....I am not a major expert, there is the Portree Hotel which looks onto the harbour, maybe the Boswell? There are loads of B&Bs as well. Depends what you are after I guess?


You probably wont have time but it's a shame to go to Skye and not go to the Three Chimneys restuarant - it's fantastic.


Thanks for your replies. We're taking our car across to Harris with us. For our Honeymoon we're kind of touring around Scotland and finishing at Blue Reef.
Depending on traffic we're hoping to get to Skye around 4pm, so the Three Chimneys retuarant could be a possibility.

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