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Thailand July/ August?

Thailand July/ August?
  What's the weather like? Want to go for relaxing and some diving... any suggestions?


I was in Bangkok in July it was about 42 degrees and very humid I was soaked within 5 minutes of leaving the hotel. This is off peak season for the islands as it is the wet season. There will probably be monsoon rain in the afternoon or evenings. If you are diving the monsoon will affect the visability a bit.


It depends where in Thailand you're going. In the Gulf (places like Ko Tao, Ko Samui) the wet season is shorter so you'll probably avoid the rain. I've been to KS in Aug/Sep before and it was just starting to get rainy when I left; that was mostly afternoon/evening rain but we did have a couple of days when it rained constantly. On the Andaman coast (Phuket, Krabi etc) the rainy season usually starts around May/June. The sea may be rough if you're diving and as munk says viz may be affected. I know a lot of Similan liveaboards don't go out at all in the low season (May-Oct) but you can in theory dive all year round elsewhere.

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