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Sri Lanka in August - good or bad idea?

Sri Lanka in August - good or bad idea?
  Hi everyone. We have a holiday booked (was booked last September) to Sri Lanka. We had to leave it for a while because the insurance company wouldn't cover us for 'acts of god' (:rolleyes: ) but now it's getting near the date for deciding whether we go or not.
Just wondering what everyone thinks? I've looked on the Kuoni site and everywhere we're going is going to be up and running by then, and I know the country are desperate for tourism but I still feel sort of wrong about going.
Anyone offer any advice?
Cheers, BB x


I went to Sri Lanka two years ago and it is the most completely amazing place. The people are amongst the nicest people you'll ever meet but they are soooo poor :( A lot of the population rely on tourism for their income so it worries me about how they are coping now. We tipped a guide who took us up Sigirya Rock the equivalent of 5 - apparently that was a weeks wages to him and he was beside himself with gratitude.
If everything is going to be up and running, I would definitely go. If everyone stopped going there, the Sri Lankan people would be more poverty stricken than they already were.
You will have a fab time, I'm sure, and the Sri Lankan people will be pleased to see you and welcome you :)


I went with Mr H and mini H (who was just 16 months old!) last August for my sister's wedding - I fell in love with the place. The Sri Lankians are so warm, friendly and completely generous. The island itself is amazing from the banana trees and elephants to the Botanical gardens and temples. We stayed about 10 miles north of Colombo on east coast, Hotel Ranweli which was set in a lagoon, part of a nature reserve.
As a rule I think the North and East of the island were least hit - our hotel for example was only closed for 2 weeks to sort out the damage.
Its been said before, but if you go you will be helping these people rebuild their lifes and economy. They need people to keep visiting their beautiful island. I definately hope to go back very very soon. If you go I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time!
H x


Was it the Ranweli Holiday Village? If so, me and h2b are looking at going there for part of our honeymoon in September (before a week in the maldives).
Would you recommend it? What was the hotel/food/staff/rooms like?
Have heard that the beach isn't so good there?
Thanks for your help in advance xxx


Yes thats the one! Its lovely and they will spoil you rotten if they know its your honeymoon!
Hotel is spread out with the bungalows around the main part of the building. There is a decent sized pool with a pool bar (can highly recommend the chocolate milkshake and toasted sandwiches!!!) with chipmunks and birds all around. The staff are the friendliest people you could meet who will bend over backwards (literally!) to do anything for you! The food is good too, with a selection of traditional Sri Lankan dishes plus a whole range of seafood and lots and lots of other stuff. The bunglows are set on the beach with your own veranda and deckchairs. The bunglows are clean and comfortable with a sofa and good sized bathroom.
One point about the beach though - we couldn't/didn't go on the beach as the sea was strong (typical of that time of year - August). It really didn't make a difference at all to be honest. The pool is right next to the sea, so much so that the sea spray comes over the wall and into the pool! The bunglows are all surrounded by sand so you can always sit by your bungalow insead of round by the pool.
Oh yeah, nearly forgot, there is a jewellers on site (well two actually!) but between me, my two sisters and mum had had a roaring trade out of us for the week that we was there!!! It was so cheap I felt bad for paying him so little!!!! So if you like jewels take your pocket money! His name is Mohammed and the shop is Star Gems.
Oh and as a final thing, definately do the elephant trip and try the red bananas - they're delicious!
I wanna go back....:boohoo:

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