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Tallinn - Estonia

Tallinn - Estonia
Mr Chops & I are going to Estonia in July for our anniversary. Has anyone been and got any recs? We are planning to drive tanks & fire guns...also going to an old prison and to look at the nazi / soviet historical stuff.
We're planning to stay at the Merchant House hotel - any other recommendations from baggers that've been? I'm a bit worried about being in a hotel with a large number of stag parties. This one seems to be ok by the looks of it.


i visited talinn this june and stayed in the hotel near the eurolines coach station, it was surrounded by 2 convenience stores and was very clean but quiet. we visited the main square - loads of pubs and walked up to the castle, quickly followed by a visit to the cathedral. i had a lonely planet book with me, which proved really helpfull. i would reccomend a ferry to helsinki - it's cheap and takes a couple of hours tops. things are expensive in helsinki but the modern art museum is amazing and there's plenty of finnish stuff to buy in the stockman department store. i remember bumping into a tourist guide who was handing out booklets of vouchers - we managed to get lunch for half price but i suffered all afternoon with a bloated tummy after eating too much.
let me know if you want more info.

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