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Specialist Travel Agents?

Specialist Travel Agents?
  Is there such a thing as a truly independent travel agent?
We are looking for a very specific holiday next year. A villa in Spain (Yep I know that that is not so unusual) but it has to be in a specific village and the villa has to have it's own private pool AND be within walking distance of restaurants, supermarket and the beach (Even though the beach is less important). The villa must also be relatively secluded.
Do you think I am asking too much!!??!! :lol: :lol:




Can you not book it all yourself?
There used to be a thick magazine out each year that you got from WH Smiths. Basically if you had a villa you advertised it in there and covered all parts of the world. Sorry but i can't remember the name of it. If you got hold of one of those you could pick and choose what you wanted and you get to book your own flights for a time that suits you.
I'm sure there are truely independant TAs but when ever you use a TA you pay a premium for their service.


How about typing "name of village villa" into Google and seeing if anything comes up? Then you can sort out your flight separately


Thanks for the replies - I have already been trawling the internet looking for villa - and there are a few but nothing with a private pool. The reason I want to use a travel agent is because I am very nervous about booking a villa privately as I would like the peace of mind of abta etc - is that very naive of me?

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