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Hostels New York

Hostels New York
  Did a search but nothing came up...
Has anyone stayed in a hostel in New York, particularly on their own?
I've been to New York on my own a few years ago (I'm 24 now)and stayed in 2 4 star hotels, both downtown and midtown. I do quite like my luxury and wanted to be safe for my first jaunt on my loansome but the only downside was I always on my own and really wanted to go to a few bars and clubs at night and couldn't pluck up the courage to go alone.
Sooo, now I'm thinking of going back for 4 or 5 days (maybe more) and I'm considering hostelling it, mainly to hopefully meet fellow travellers to socialise with but also because its loads cheaper and I'm comfortable with travelling alone now.
Has anyone had any good/bad experiences? Any particular recommendations, particularly downtown as I preferred it down there. I was also considering a private room rather than a dormitory.
Cheers in advance.


I stayed in the Hi hostel here but its on the upper west side.
There are a lot of hostels in NY.
Having stayed in lots of hostels around the states, I'd say consider staying in a dorm - its how I met all the people I got friendly with.


Thanks chocolatejo,
Was that hostel fine, good location etc? Is it easy to strike up conversations with others? While I'm not a shrinking violet I'm not one to start the conversations either. I prefer people to come to me! Hmmm something I need to work on I think...


Try for a list of more NY hostels.


Hi Tribeca.
im also going alone at xmas, and really didnt want to stay in a hostel by myself, as it will be my first time like.
you might be able to get an apartment or hotel fairly cheap depending when your going.

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