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The gambia, Kenya, thailand. Have you been to any of these places?

The gambia, Kenya, thailand. Have you been to any of these places?
  Hello :wave: Always feel like such a noggin asking in here, working in a travel agent and all :p But in my eyes there nothing as good as first hand info from people who've been there. I can get shit loads of info from custs, dg&g, brochures etc but its better to have "proper" first hand information...Right. I'll get back on track!
Looking to go away next year, pref Sept, Oct or Nov. Don't giving a shiny shit about mainland spain, greece etc. Have just come back from egypt and LOVED it :D I don't want a home away from home hol so I'm looking at LH. Pref from MAN can't be chewed with LGW,LHR etc. Would do GLA at a push but I no for what I'm looking for theres not flights from there.
Right...I've been looking at Kenya, The gambia & thailand (phuket) I like the look of kenya, beaches etc mixed with safari but I've been getting so confused looking at all the info (have to say I've not sent many cux to these places so my knowledge is not the best) To me the gambia is just a beach hol, is there much to do in terms of wildlife? I love the look of phuket, so much to do :D
Obviously thailand and gambia are from nov onwards
So if anyone has been there can you give me your info/views on the places?
Points I'm after;
*Best board basis. Not a huge fan of AI, would rather be BB and eat out
*Best areas to look for accom
*When did you go what did you do. Highlights etc


Sorry, never been to any, but I am planning on going to Kenya in the summer - and so excited!!


Kenya looks fab :D When were you thinking of? The 11hr flight is doing nothing for me though :(
How are you anyways missy?! Long time no see in diet ;)


Thailand's wonderful.
And Phuket is fabulous. Stayed in Patong Beach on my tod for 3 weeks in total on my RTW travels. Loved it. Went to Phi Phi a couple of times as well.
I'd go back tomorrow if I could.
AI's aren't that common or certainly not that I came across in Patong Beach though I'm sure at the larger hotels it's a possible. Having said that, eating out is so cheap in Thailand that there's no need for AI there.
I stayed in a couple of lovely places in Patong Beach. It was about three months after the tsunami so prices were down and some places on the beachfront were still shut/being renovated but I expect by now it's all been rebuilt.
There are some quieter parts to Phuket if you fancy those more. Shout if you do and I'll try to remember their names. Also if you'd like the names of the places I stayed which weren't at all pricey (but were to me on a travelling budget) and were lovely with pools then do shout.
Whilst I was there, I did lots of snorkelling on trips. Snorkelling near Maya Beach (where they filmed The Beach) was ace though they won't let you on the beach itself.
They then took us to Phi Phi Don which was badly affected by the Tsunami just to pick up people and so we could get off and try and buy just soft drinks etc., to try and help them even if it was in a pitifully tiny way.
They then take you around the corner to another beach, Long Beach, which is stunning and just an oasis of calm and quiet. Lovely.
There's tons of other stuff to do around the area, some of it a bit tacky, others not so much.
If you were to go to Thailand and have time, I'd recommend heading to Kanchanaburi too for a bit of chilling out. It's 3 hours from Bangkok by local bus or train and I adored it.
Wherever you go, have a great time. And if you need any more info, do just yell.


Have been to the Gambia and most of the hotels are not AI - or they weren't. They were quite a few restaurants you could go to if you got a taxi. (You wouldn't want to walk after dark - no street lights!)
In terms of wildlife, there were a few trips - one was a trip in a boat to see the birds at dawn followed by breakfast. I think there were some other ones going inland but that's about it. Probably doesn't touch Kenya in terms of animal watching opportunities.
Nearly all the hotels are in the same area - Kombo Beach (was a Novotel), Senegambia etc - all a walk along the beach apart.

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