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Hotels in London - best area!

Hotels in London - best area!
  Hi everyone,
I am looking to surprise my boyfriend for our 1st year two three awwwwww.
We have been talking about going to London for a couple of nights (we live in Norfolk) but as I am not from the area and have only been to London once when I was 12 (long time ago!) I am really hoping that you guys could give me some suggestions where to stay (wanting to stay somewhere romantic, olde worlde if poss...somewhere that has character to it that oozes sexyness if you know wot I mean!) Would like to be able to to the traditional sightseeing, have restaurants near by.....generally just to do romantic things and feel like we are the only two people in the world!
If anyone has any ideas that would be absolutely fantastic!!! As I ain't got a clue of the area at all!!
Missie:) :) :) :)


I would either suggest somewhere around the City (i.e Bank/St Pauls) as this will be quiet at the weekend but you would still be able to find nice restaurants. Either there or perhaps around Marble Arch/Marylebone which is just behind Oxford St, it is quite residential so there are a few B&B's and you aren't far from St Christophers place which is nice for a romantic meal.


Hi Missie13
I recently stayed in southwark with my boyfriend at the London Bridge Hotel, it was a lovely hotel and right next to tube station, bus station and the london bridge.
I would definitely go back there. The rooms were lovely with a huge bed and LCD tv on the wall and think it cost about 80 per night which included breakfast.
hope that helps xx

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