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Staying in London - any ideas?

Staying in London - any ideas?
  Hi I'm going to go to London in Mid November and I would like to get some cheap accommodation in a cheap hostel/hotel/B&B near to where all the action/nightlife is.
Can anyone recommend any places that might be worth considering.


Jury's Inn?


Jury's Inn?
How about the Hoxton?


The Premier Travel Inn chain has good, basic accomodation for a reasonable(ish) price. The ones I have visited have been modern and comfortable enough.
There are loads in Central London, one I remember seeing is in Southwark set back from Clink Street, near The Globe and Tate Modern.
I'm not sure what kind of nightlife you are after, but the bars and restaurants along the south bank always seem buzzing when I visit London, with people spilling out into the street if the weather is good. A stroll along the south bank is always good, a stop at Hay's Galleria, and a browse through Borough Market could fill your days.
You may need to get some advice from London baggers though as to where the nightlife is the best, but that is where I would head as a visitor.......


We usually stay in a Travelodge, in Kings Cross. They are pretty soulless but cheap enough.
Last month we paid 26 a night for a Thursday and Friday but you have to be flexible to take advantage of their very cheap rooms, and pay in advance.
Normal rates are around 70 I think.

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