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Taking Buddhas out of Thailand

Taking Buddhas out of Thailand
  Hi Baggers. :) Just wondering if anyone would be able to shed any light on this?
My mum and I are meeting up in Bangkok in December. She collects buddha figurines (made of precious stones, etc) and was looking forward to adding to her collection while we are out there. But it seems you cannot remove any image of a buddha from Thailand without written authorisation from the government...?! Does anyone know how strict they are on this? Mum is now assuming she wont be able to buy any. Are we able to get some sort of authorisation...?
:uzzle: :thanks:


They're not at all strict. Everywhere you go there are statuettes for sale.


Its only official "antique" statues or those of special significance that you can't take. They are everywhere in the markets.


Just to add my brother was in Thailand last year and he brought a dozen or so home as presents with no problems.
Nat J


Yep, you won't have any problems.
You should go to the huge weekend market, there is a stall/shop there that sells lots of diffeent styles.

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