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Sydney in December

Sydney in December
  We have already purchased our plane tickets to M'sia and will be KL in Dec. We are now thinking about going to Sydney for a week since it is only 7hours flight.
Do you know where I can pick up some cheap return tickets fom Kuala Lumpur to Sydney at that time of the year?


It depends on what time of December you want to come. Coming up to Xmas and New Year's it could be up to 3 times the normal price.
Jetstar are an airline owned by Qantas and they launched cheap fares to Asia a few months back. They could be sold out by now for that time of year. They are no frills but comfy on their domestic flights anyway.
Try looking direct on Malaysian airlines site, Qantas and BA. Not sure what others fly that route. Also, try ebookers.
Depends on what part of Malaysia you will be but ex Singapore might be an option, although could be a pain to get to.


Just looked on Jetstar and they don't fly to KL.
Can't think who else will fly direct.


It doesn't matter as KL to S'pore is only 35mins flight or Bangkok is only 1hour flight. I had checked Jetstar but they will only fly to SYD on 21Dec. I wanted to fly to SYD mid-Dec and be back in KL for Xmas.
I had checked with MAS they quoted me a quote of GBP660 from KL-SYD return on economy, that's even more expensive than London -KL:rolleyes: :eek:

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