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Hotel/B&B in Edinburgh

Hotel/B&B in Edinburgh
I am looking for a B&B/hotel for a weekend away in Edinburgh, preferably in the centre with car parking. Budget is no more than 200 for two nights, two people.
Can anyone reccommend one?!
PL x


I stayed at Melvin HOuse which I can thorougly recommend! Its within walking distance to Princes Street - it didnt hvae a car park but I expect there was some on road parking?? I booked it through last minute, and it was no more than 150 for 2 nights I dont think


I've used the city centre Travelodge before in Edinburgh. Parking isn't included, but there's a couple of carparks nearby, and the charge is only 5 per 24 hours.


Thanks for these ideas :) Will have a look at both hotels.
Thanks again, PL x


If you aren't booking too far in advance I'd try (might be .com?) - get the phone number off the website and actually phone them as they'll tell you what they ACTUALLY have rather than what they sometimes have and there are sometimes fantastic deals!! We've used them alot and highly recommend them.
mo x

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