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Taking wedding dress as hand luggage

Taking wedding dress as hand luggage
  We're getting married in USA at Christmas and I'm planning to take my wedding dress on as hand luggage.
We're flying with American Airlines and I was going to email/write to customer services to ask if this would be ok and get written permission. However, with all the recent changes re hand luggage etc. I'm getting worried that they won't let me take it on board.
Anyone here taken their wedding dress on board with them?
Do you think I should ask the airline now, or wait until things have calmed down a bit?
Do you think the restrictions will be lifted by Christmas?


Hmm.. can't say if things will have changed by Christmas as none of us have a crystal ball.
However, I did take my wedding dress on as hand luggage when flying to Florida via Philadelphia with US Airways in 2004. My friend had done the same thing when flying with Delta the year before. What I would suggest you do is to ring them asap and ask. At the time, they put notes on our booking so that they knew what I was doing and then when I got on board, they took it and hung it up in the first class wardrobe.
But that was 2 years ago and whilst it was still post 9/11, things could be very different now as the US are more twitchy about this sort of thing than any other country.
I think there is also a box you can buy that allows you to pack it and take it on as hand luggage, but whether that meets the new requirements, I don't know. The girls on Weddings might be able to help you with that.


Under the current conditions you would not allowed to take it on board - the hand luggage size limit (35cm x 45cm x 16cm I think) still applies and is likely to do so for the forseeable future. As suggested, your best bet would to be to contact the airline and explain your situation.
Nat J


If you go on the bbc website there's a story (new) that they think restrictions are going to be relaxed this weekend. They were totally stupid (and not properly enforced) anyways in my opinion but hey ho, I've moaned on another thread.
I'd always play safe than sorry though and would write/phone them to double check and get written confirmation


I flew with BA in May to Mauritius for my wedding and I got myself one of those dress boxes that was the size of the allowed hand lugguge and it was just far too small to get my dress in :rolleyes:
I called BA and they under no circumstances, allow anyone to take their wedding dress on as hand luggage in a dress bag, it would have had to be squashed in my hand luggage so I just got a hard suitcase and packed it in there and BA marked it all up as fragile etc and it was fine.
Try calling them you might have some luck :)

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