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Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka?
  Has anyone been? I am thinking of going next year but don't know where etc, is it best to stay at a big hotel? Are there restaraunts about where you can get proper local food?
Are there many flying biting creatures? ( I always get bitten and swell up like a balloon which would not be pretty in my bikini!!!)
Any info greatly apreciated


I went to Sri Lanka earlier this year. It's a beautiful country and the people are so lovely. I stayed in Kandy which is a very lovely city, with lots to see and quite good access to places. It's also quite far away from the troubles. I stayed in a hotel called Mahaweli Reach which was lovely with fab Sri Lankan food.
I am allergic to mozzies and didn't get bitten once. And I get bitten everywhere I go usually! Just arm yourself with some good repellent.
I would probably stay in a bigger hotel for the bulk of the time as they are cheap and of a good standard and probably safer.
It's also worth hiring a driver as they are very reasonable and you won't want to drive yourself!
The other thing is I was worried about the spate of recent trouble but it really does seem to be concentrated in the North and certainly doesn't feel like a war zone when you are there! The only thing is the airport has very tight security but even that is dealt with in a pleasant non agressive manner.
Hope that helps,


Personally if it was me I'd steer clear at the moment. I've been following the troubles and whilst they are currently restricted to the North east (Trincomalee area) there has been the odd small bomb attack in Columbo and I suspect things could excalate at any time. It's a shame as it's such a beautiful country......
If you do decide to go I'd recommend the Taj Exotica - it's a bit of a hike form the airport but it's lovely. Generally there are quite a few places to eat out as well.


I'm not keeping up with the news re. troubles, so can't say anything about that. There was a bomb in Colomboy the week before we went.
I just wanted to say that I found it a lovely country to visit, beautiful scenery, lots to see and do, friendly people (but as always, you're likely to get conned out of money and have people wanting to sell you stuff all the time - much like in India but on a smaller scale, so generally less tiring than India! :)). We hired a car with driver which was cheap and allowed us to travel around and do whatever we wanted. Didn't go to Kandy as it was a long trip and we had already paid for our hotel (a small and fairly basic, but very nice one) on the west coast. Food was fabulous and lots of local restaurants/hotels that you could go to. Try the local breakfast too (curries and noodles and stuff), not just "continental". Didn't have a single meal that wasn't nice. Also no shortage of tropical fruits etc. I'd love to go back and see e.g. Kandy, the elephant orphanage etc. Would also love to stay in one of the more luxurious hotels! :)


Czoona I was a bit disappointed with the elephant orphanage. i thought it would be more natural and animal orientated but sadly it seemed more of a tourist trap (you couldn't walk past an elephant without someone trying to goad you into getting your photo taken for money). Also they advertise feeding the babies but really what happens is that you all stand around a huge hut with the elephants in it and the herders walk them around and let you hold the bottle for about 30 secs to get your photo taken (for cash of course). Which is fine if the money goes to helping the animals but you never know do you....? In saying that I think they do good work and it's worth going to see them when they herd them down to the river for a bath - the site of all the elephants in the river is worth it (even if the stuff before it is not!).

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