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Tailor made holiday company recommendations?

Tailor made holiday company recommendations?
My OH and I are about to start planning our honeymoon for next June. We are hoping to do a mini "road trip" (2 weeks) around California with some driving and a few stops along the way.
I have never used any of the tailor made holiday companies such as Travelbag and don't know much about them.
I was wondering if anyone who has used this type of company had any recommendations or comments about which company is best/which to avoid?
Thanks :)


Hi :wave:
I went to California about 3 years ago. I went with my family and did a lot of traveling by both plane and car. The company that helped us out a lot (we used them on recommendation) was Peregor Travel
They helped us book most of our holiday.


Thanks Jusmee, I will have a look at that link :)

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