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Sterling or turkish Lira??

Sterling or turkish Lira??
Just wanted to know if I am better off taking more 's than the local currency to Turkey, I was reading in a guide book that they prefer sterling, so was going to take half and half?
Any suggestions :)
Also, where would be the best place to get bags and such sorts. I will be staying in hisaranu (sp??)


I just got back from Turkey last week, we used Lira although everywhere takes Euros too, I think the reason they might prefer sterling is because the locals get quite a good exchange rate when they change it over to Lira.


Thanks. Where did you stay?


When I went to Turkey the exchange rate was much better if you took Sterling and changed it over there. I think this is the case in most places these days.
Nat J


been to turkey 9 times (10th in october!!) and i always take about 50 TL to start me off and the rest in sterling TQ's!!

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