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Thai Airways

Thai Airways
  Flying to Bali via Bankok with Thai Airways at the end of May and just wondered if any other baggers have any experiences of Thai Airways - good or bad - so that I know what to expect?
Also - I've heard that Thai have standby upgrades available to purchase when you check in (at about 300 extra from econ to bus) - any one done this?
Is it worth it?
Loobie x


I flew Melbourne-Bangkok with Thai Airways and I found them great. The plane was fine, the food was good and the staff were very helpful. I don't know anything about the upgrade though.


Never flown with them but have always heard very good things about Thai.


They are very very good.
Food is fantastic, and the air hostesses change into pretty thai traditional costume half way through!! You also get an orchid when you leave the plane (sucker for things like that)


Thai are often up there in the top 5 airlines in the world, don't think I've heard a bad report about them to be honest.

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