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Hotel in Vancouver - recommendations?

Hotel in Vancouver - recommendations?
  I'm going to Canada in October with the boyf. and we're planning on spending some time in Vancouver. However, we're completely stumped about which hotel as there are so many to choose from. However, we ideally want one that is centrally located for getting around and the tourist attractions.
Has anybody been to Vancouver that can recommend a good one? Which don't want to pay a fortune. Or can anybody tell us which ones we should avoid like the plague!!
Cheers, K


I stayed at the Blue Horizon on Robson Street, it was fairly pricey so I was expecting something good but I was really disappointed. Rude staff, very average rooms, mediocre restaurant and no room service. :( OK, it *was* on Robson St so there was lots of stuff in the neighbourhood, but I was pretty unenthusiastic about the hotel itself and wouldn't recommend it.


How long are you going for? I stayed in a fantastic self catering apartment last year that I booked on-line. I think they only rent it on a weekly basis but I could be wrong. Let me know if you want the details. It was prob a 15 min walk from Robson Street but in easy reach of everything on foot and a 2 mins walk from the taxi boat to Granville Island! LOVED Vancouver!! Seattle's well worth a look too if you've got time - it's only a couple of hours away! One of my best mates lives there and I just love the place.
Will go see if I can find the link to the apartment.
mo x


OK the link I have to the actual apartment doesn't seem to be working but here is a link to the apartment block that the apartment was in. It was fantastic!! If you are interested then PM me and I can give you the owner's email address.
It was on the 20th floor I think and had fantastic views right across False Creek. Small apartment but perfect for two of you. Nice bathroom, parking space if you need it, all the kitchen things you need plus washing machine. The building also has a small gym and small outdoor pool.
mo x


I stayed at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver a couple of years ago and it was great. I think it is usually reasonably expensive but we got a really good deal on it. No breakfast included but there was a fantastic place next door called Cafe Artigiano so we ate there every morning. Very close to Robson Street and the underground mall (can't remember the name). There's another Fairmont closer to the harbour, which is also really nice.

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