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Hotel rates - best deals?

Hotel rates - best deals?
  If you've read my other Valencia post, you'll know that I'm taking the kids to Valencia for a few days in October and we've now homed in on the Ad Hoc Monumental hotel.
After spending nearly a whole day looking on the internet I'm just bamboozled by the number of websites offering best discounts/cheap deals/rates etc.
I'd be interested to find out which sites you've used in the past that have actually lived up to their claims.
Ta. :D

Answers: can be quite good. You can also search multiple sites through


'twas Tripadvisor that got me bamboozled in the first place! :D
Never tried travelsupermarket though ... will check it out. Thanks.

Answers: (or - got me and Mum a room at the Gatwick Sofitel for 99 a night!


It will be no good to you as the best deals are last minute but the cheapest place for appts is Thomson.
During off peak times (outside kids half term) you can get appts for as little as 1 per night. I got 2 weeks in the Canaries for 3 adults and the room cost us a total of 70, 5 per night.

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