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STA Travel anyone??

STA Travel anyone??
  Hey guys...after looking at the STA travel website and having a play on the map so u can plan your own route...i think i would really love to get a years ticket for around the world. It's amazing, you can chose wherever you wanna go up until you use your miles...Ive got another year of uni left so wouldn't be doing it for a while but just wondering whether any of u baggers has or was thinking of doing it?
The tickets only about 800-1000 and then there is spending money...


Hey there
I'm halfway round the world on one of those tickets just now!!! Go for it - travelling is amazing! Are you thinking of going on your own or with people? i went on my own and have met loads of great people
The people at STA are great if you have a branch near you or at your uni? even though you aren't looking to go for another year or so they are really helpful. I'm doing it in my summer between 3rd and 4th year at uni cos i won't be able to afford to take a year out but still getting to see alot in that time.
What kind of route are you looking at? Some are cheaper than others and you can do parts of your trip overland as well - i flew into Thailand and out of Singapore - travelled between them in about 3 weeks
Ooooh i loved planning all my trip you could easily spend a year getting it just right and you can put down a small deposit on the ticket early so you know you would definately be going!
Ok im rambling now but any questions il do my best to answer them!


I want an all around the world ticket!
  Sounds like your having an amazing time!!:)
Whereabouts are you at the mo?
My boyfriend and I would be going together.
This is the route that we were looking at....
London to mexico, then make our own way to san fransisco, then to Honolulu, then to Figi, then Sydney, then Singapore, then Bangkok and finally back to London!!:yay:
It seems so fantastic that you can go to all these places for about 1000!! I really want to do it!
Would you have any reccommondations of where to go????
On this route we're missng out south America which is a shame as i would love to go there but it doesnt really fit in with the rest of the route.
How many months are you travelling for...and how much did u have to save?? do u get the odd job out there or dou just relax??? think i would just like to relax!! hope your having lots of fun which i'm sure you are!!:whoop:


I'm in Bali at the mo which is gorgeous and heading to Australia and Fiji for the next 5 weeks - im only away 10 weeks in total and missing out USA but hoping to do that next summer anyway - the tickets are great aren't they!! I have fallen in love with Thailand you definately need to go to a couple of the islands there, it would be a lovely last stop cos you could do some shopping in Bangkok before you fly home!!
Will be able to give you info on Sydney and Fiji - i'd say try and see a bit more of Oz or maybe New Zealand? i didnt have time for NZ but am going to Cairns for a while and the Outback for a few days!
Singapore is great for a few days seeing all the sights too.
South America isn't recommended normally for 1st time travellers cos the language barrier is more pronounced there but if you wanted to give it a go it would definately be an experience - i hope to go when im a bit older.
I'm having a fantastic time its great - go for it and just go for as long as you can afford to, i've done tours and stuff so not sure what my budget would have been but is a great site for practical stuff like that
pm me to remind me to give you more info about those places or if you have any other questions i could bore you to tears about thailand and singapore already :lol:


God it all sounds so amazing!!! I bet Bali is beautiful!! Thanks for all of your info Innocent, yeah i think your true about seeing more of OZ...ooohh i'm really excited just thinking about it!
I hope Australie and Figi are magical for you, let me know how it goes if you get the chance!!
Definately want to go to Thailand now!
Have fun and thanks for all the info!!! xxx;)

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