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Stockholm recs

Stockholm recs
  Off to Stockholm next week for a few days - first time visit.
Can anyone reccomend any must-sees and also any lovely restaurants and bars?
We only have a few days so want to make the most of it!


Lucky you! Where are you staying?
I enjoyed the Museum of Modern Art, the Vasaa Museet and the Ice Bar in the Nordic Sea hotel best I think. It was very, very snowy when I went (February) so guess it'll be quite different for you.


Well you're going at the perfect time of year, as it's warm outside and the sun stays up for most of the night!
As someone who has grown up in the city I would recommend Sodermalm (south part of Stockholm, tubestations:- Slussen, Medborgarplatsen) for nightlife. This a lot of people go out to have a good time without paying ridiculous prices. Although, if you don't mind spending, then Stureplan (where all posh clubs are) can be a lot of fun for a night out.
Gamla stan (old city) is lovely for sitting outdoors in cafe's and lunch restaurants.
All in all I'd say the city is quite small in a couple of days you will have time to see a lot.
Living in london and loving it, I still have to say I miss the great atmosphere of Stockholm on a summer night - so lucky you for going!
Have fun!


I have been 3 times, my last trip was just last week and i couldn’t believe how light the sky was at midnight! The weather is sooo nice right now, don't forget your sunglasses!
Have fun!


I don't know Sodermalm well as I'm an Ostermalm girl, so here are a few tips from my end of town:
Skansen - outdoor museum, with old cottages (some of which have craftspeople working in them, e.g. making glass/bread etc), plus an excellent zoo with natural surroundings for the animals and a worldrenowned aquarium/terrarium
Gamla Stan (the old town) - for tootling around with the tourists, looking at the old houses, having coffee, maybe browsing the odd souvenir shop
NK - good department store for clothes shopping, e.g. Acne jeans and a lovely tea merchant downstairs in the food/household department. Loads of shops in that area (City), but much of it is H&M and similar, so not v exciting and hardly worth spending much time on.
Shoes - nice Italian shoes at Rizzo (Biblioteksgatan and Kungsgatan), CC-skor (which is over at Sturegallerian), and a few others, all around Biblioteksgatan/Kungsgatan/Norrmalms Torg. This is also the area for designer shops generally.
Saluhallen at Ostermalmstorg for food and cafes, maybe for brunch or lunch? It's a covered market, but has some eating places too.
Sturekatten - old fashioned authentic and lovely tea/coffee shop just off Birger Jarlsgatan, not far from Stureplan. Well worth seeking out! My mum used to go there when she was young! :) For a modern take, Saturnus, near Humlegarden, also just off Birger Jarlsgatan in the opposite direction. Yummy sandwiches and salad, big bowls of cafe au lait.
For views of the entire city, Kaknastornet, over at Gaerdet.
For walking - Djurgarden, and you could have lunch or tea at Rosendal.
Catch a ferryboat from Gamla Stan to Djurgarn, rather than the bus, to see a bit of Stockholm from the water.
Can't think of any specific restaurants or bars right at the moment as I tend to eat at my friends'/relatives' homes when I'm there, but there are loads and the food is excellent. Prices on par with the UK although alcohol is more expensive.
Oh, and I second the suggestion re. the Vasa ship - well worth seeing. You could go there, then walk along the canal towards Rosendal and have tea over there, for example.

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