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Taking a DVD Player and DVDs to Spain?

Taking a DVD Player and DVDs to Spain?
  Can these just be packed in your case or would they be better as hand luggage - presume some people take these - we are renting a villa and have a few kiddies staying so thought this would be a good idea for evenings - any advice? Was going to just pack in bubble wrap in case with dvds in a cd case - is this the best way to carry them? Thanks for any help.


Personally, I'd put the DVDs in the suitcase (in a cd case as you suggest saves space!) but the DVD player in my hand luggage.


As Augusta said, take the DVD player in your carry on. Your travel insurance probably won't cover these sort of electrical items, check the small print. I've had things pilfered from my checked in bag before :mad: .


If you put either the dvds or the player in your checked bag you are off your rocker. That is just asking for it to get damaged, or more likely pilfered.
Be prepared to remove it at security for them to check it too-that will look pretty suspicious under an xray.


Thanks for the replies - guess it will be mother who's packed up like a bloody camel again this year!!:(

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