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Swallow Hotels

Swallow Hotels
I've just joined the leisure club at my local Swallow Hotel and have got the fantastic freebie of 2 nights stay in any Swallow Hotel in the UK! I have no idea which one to pick. I was tempted by the Newcastle/Gateshead ones, or maybe Inverness as ideally I would like to be near somewhere for some shopping, and also be in a hotel with leisure facilities.
So - which one would you pick if you were getting a freebie??
Or - have any of you stayed in any of these that you would recommend or advise me to steer clear of?
List of hotels
R_B x


Depends where you're based.
I'd maybe look at London as it'd normally be pricey hotel wise.
Otherwise, somewhere nearish to a city and with shopping like you say.
Have a great time.


Thanks Tonibuffs. I'm in Aberdeen. London would be top of my list as I usually visit there a couple of times a year anyway. But there don't seem to be any hotels all that close by.
Thanks for your reply!


Crabwall Manor looks nice near Chester, and Coulsdon Manor looks lovely in Surrey, won't be too far from London, prob a train ride away.
Not too handy for theatre though. Shame that. North East England & Scotland look especially well served.


Yeah, I can't complain that I have too few to choose from, can I?!
Coulsdon Manor does look nice, and I quite fancy blagging myself one of the 4* hotels for free!! It says it's only 20 mins from Gatwick so that does look like a possibility.

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