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Straighteners abroad!

Straighteners abroad!
  I feel so daft! I have booked a holiday to Turkey in 6 weeks or so. I've never taken straighteners abroad before as I've never needed to but my hair is a lot lot shorter now and I'm considering taking them. I can just about tie it back for the day but I can't wear it down at all without straightening it and it would be nice to do that for a few evening during the fortnight! I'm sure I've read somewhere that you have to be careful with plugging them into different mains electricity (as in we use 50Hz and America is 60Hz) and them breaking. Anyone taken them to Turkey before?


Turkey runs on 220v and 50hz, like the UK, so they should be fine with a plug adapter. I'm no expert though, so if anyone can prove me wrong, please do!


They'll be fine with an adaptor :)


Thanks!!!!!!! I can manage without them but it would be nice to have them!

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