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The best romantic places?

The best romantic places?
  Can anyone tell me where is the best place to go for a romantic holiday for my wedding anniversary!
I have heard Italy is quite nice? any other ideas?


Venice - mr kjb and I went last year for our anniversary. It's just so romantic. You can sit in St Marks square listening to the mini orchestras playing and drinking wine or dancing. It's just the most romantic place in the world - IMHO - ooh I want to go back now :D


On the Italian theme, Florence is lovely.
What time of year are you talking about? A romantic place doesn't always seem so romantic at the extremes of temp. :D


Another vote for Italy and esp Florence. I always think Paris is romantic but then that's as it was the first place I went on holidays with Mr PB.
How about going back to a place which is special to you both?


I've just come back from Rome and it was magical!!
I find Florence too hot and crowded for my liking, but i've only ever been in August!
Stick to quieter seasons like spring and late summer.

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