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Thailand or similar in Oct / Nov time

Thailand or similar in Oct / Nov time
  Would this be a good time of year to go, principally for a beach holiday?
Also, does anyone know what airlines would do a stopover in Hong Kong?
Oh, and any reccs of places to stay as I'm completely clueless about that part of the world? Budget but nice.


Weather should be good. October still end of rainy season, but shouldn't be much rain. I've been twice in middle of rainy season and if you go to the right parts of the country (eastern coasts) weather was still great virtually all the time.
November should be getting really good, but won't quite be peak tourist season, which is good.
Hong Kong isn't en route to Thailand - quite a major loop out of the way. Cathay Pacific is the HK airline, so would theoretically do stopovers, but could work out quite expensive I guess.... You can get some relatively cheap flights to Thailand now out of season.
'fraid I've been more at the beach bungalow end and never booked in advance in Thailand so wouldn't be much help on accommodation....


Thanks for that.
Yes my geography is a bit dire! Will investiagte Cathay.
Currently looking at some places in Pattaya but still open to suggestions.


Hmm, haven't been, but wouldn't recommend Pattaya. One of the sleasier areas of Thailand and very resorty. Personally I would go for one of the islands - Koh Samui, Koh Samed, Koh Chang or others....


Oh that's interesting...
The hotel I'm looking at isn't really in Pattaya itself. It just looks so pretty and has great reviews
Pattaya Rabbit
Also, we only have about a week so I'm wondering if that's going to be OK for getting from Bangkok to an island? really don't want to spend too much time travelling!

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