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stylish in flight cabin bags

stylish in flight cabin bags
  Anyone know of any places that sell really stylish luggage with matching bags of the right sort of size to use as carry-on luggage?
i am off to australia soon and have been treated by some friends to an upgrade and I want something big enough to hold everything for the journey but chic enough not to look out of place in business class! My budget is about 50 pounds (i found quite a nice one in Zara but I'm still looking around...)


If you want something to match the rest of your luggage, Antler do great cases, I have one of their flight bags, which is lightweight, and is a trolley one (I got a set of 4 cases - flight, beauty, medium and large - all matching from antler for my 18th from my grandma) and they're not going to go out of fashion, and last for ages. What sort of thing are you after?
I have the litestream cases.


I couldnt find much i liked (in terms of style) to use as carry on TBH- so i improvised a bit.
I actually use record bags/boxes as my carry on bags- extremely useful size for folded clothes etc and actually hold more than a lot of bags specifically designed for carry on.
I love these bags and they go everywhere with me. I have a set in jet black too- but i usually use the camo ones- even in business class :)
Left one is a laptop bag, bottom one is a larger wheeled trolley bag, and the top one is slightly smaller than the trolley. All three are within the size requirements for carry on- so i normally take the trolley and laptop bag on board and check in the top one- or put the laptop bag inside one of the others and take those two. The trolley and the smaller bag clip together too which is useful.
I have people coming up to me all the time in airports aking me where I get these from- one security guy even offered to buy them from me once! :lol:
Like marmite- you either love them or hate them.....but the majority of people seem to love them. if you are interested. Full measurements on there.
p.s- if anyone recognises me at an airport with these bags after posting those pictures, dont be afraid to come and say hi. I dont bite ;)
EDIT- I have just seen the 'Bond Street' set on the antler link just posted..... super super cool! :cool:


they're great R-
may have to invest myself ;)


Oh I like them. :)

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