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Hotel recs - Prague and Budapest

Hotel recs - Prague and Budapest
  Does anyone have any recommendations for hotels or for must sees while I'm there?
We want to stay somewhere nice - 3* or 4* I guess - and near to the city centre.
Thanks :D


Haven't been to Budapest but went to Prague 2 years ago and thought it was beautiful. We stayed in the Marriott which was about 10 mins walk from Old Town Square. It was very nice and we got a good deal on it.
There is a lot to see in the city, the castle is interesting and has great views across Prague. The Charles Bridge is gorgeous although crowded with tourists - guidebooks recommend early morning visits but we never got up in time! There are lots of nice bars and restaurants too and the people are friendly.
When are you going?


Thanks! We're going in the last week of June :)


I like the Gellert Spa Hotel in Budapest.


Thanks Kazbah - I'll look it up x

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