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Im going to Tenerife in June. I havent booked transfers yet.
I was wondering - is it easy enough to get a taxi when you come out of the airport or would I be better of booking transfers?
To be honest I dont like the coach drop off idea which is why I have always got private taxi's but I havent been to Tenerife before, the other canarie Islands have been fine, just jump in a taxi outside but just want to be prepared!?


might be better to book a transfer as the taxis can be very expensive. What part of Tenerife are you going to? :)


I went last year without transfers and had no problem getting a taxi. There's loads outside the airport and I got from there to Costa Adeje in less than half an hour and it was only about 20 euros. Have a great time!


Los Cristanios (sp?)
We go 6th June - Looking forward to it! Our last holiday as a engaged couple as our next one will be our wedding and honeymoon!
To be honest - I would rather pay Taxi fare than have to wait for people to get on the coach, drop others off, then all arrive at our hotel at the same time!
Jump in taxi zoooooooooooooooooooooom there - whilst others are still boarding the coach!
Out travel agent have private transfers but they want 25 per person! I KNOW its cheaper to get a taxi when we get there - but just wanted to check they are available!
On one occasion when I went to Fuerteventura I had to wait an hour and a half for a taxi!
:cmcheers: Holiday here we come!
If you can recommend anything to see or do whilst there feel free!


We've been to Tenerife about three times and always just jumped in a taxi - there are loads outside. Just ask how much before you get in, generally they are metered anyway.

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