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Broken Bones And Flying

Broken Bones And Flying
We are due to fly to Florida in 3.5 weeks and our friend has just broken his ankle. Does anyone know if you can fly with a plaster cast?


I think they'd be fine, think of the people who go on holiday & break a bone, they fly back home fine. :) I found this on BA's website
If you have been fitted with a plaster cast we restrict flying for 24 hours if you have a flight of two hours or less. If your flight is longer than two hours, we restrict flying to 48 hours after the plaster cast has been fitted. These requirements can be lifted in special circumstances following discussion between the PMCU and your doctor.
I presume that is the same for most airlines, maybe check the airline website and see what it says. I think your friend will be fine though.


I broke my arm in Dubai and was able to fly no problem at all. I looked a complete state with a full arm cast on and various stitches coming out of my face and no questions were asked. I got a couple of 'aww what happened' but that was about it. I flew with Emirates. :)


My OH half broke his leg just before we went away. The hospital cut his cast and wrapped it in stretchy bandage so his leg could still expand on the flight and he would be more comfortable. Check with the hospital.


Shouldn't be a problem but it will be uncomfortable. I'd ring the airline and tell them about it and ask for special assistance. It might get you bulkhead seats and should get you pre-boarding and a wheelchair if you want it.

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